Whether you are planning a new garden or, just renovating an old one, having a beautiful flower garden will increase the beauty and value of your home.

  • Calling Flowerscapes LLC can mean the difference between having great curb appeal, or being just another great house with the same landscape as your neighbors.


What we do is plant ART on your land. Our gardens are of botanical park quality.

Every single plant is carefully selected and incorporated into your landscape.

We work long hours to get your landscape project done, and your satisfaction is our highest priority. Sometimes, the weather might not be suitable to work outside, or a client might want additional work done; you might have to "wait in line" a little...

In those instances, because every customer is important to us, we can guarantee your future garden will be worth the wait.

Truly great gardens take time, and we take the time to do them right.

Perennial Garden Island Bed in Marlboro, NJ


      Stunning picture perfect gardens...


  • Your personal Flowerscapes, LLC landscape design will transform your outdoor space, no matter how big, or small, into beautiful natural-looking gardens. We can do this from scratch, or with your existing garden.

  • We can even start you with a small garden and expand it every year, because once you see what we can do, you just won't ever have too many flowers.


Yellow Swallowtail Butterfly on Phlox


Happy bumblebees...


collecting pollen...as their world AND yours...


find a home on your property.

      We will work to fit your budget, provide you with excellent service, and professional horticultural advice. Since we work on designs late at night, you can call us any time.
  • Perhaps, it's not a garden but "Container Planting" that you desire. We do unusual combinations of plants, even "Tropical Plant Containers". Any size, your individualized style.

  • You might be a home gardener who just wants to have a new garden area cleared and amended. We will clear the area of weeds and grass for you, prepare and till the soil, and work amendments into your garden/vegetable area in order for you to enjoy doing the planting phase.

 You will not find another landscaping company that will flowerscape your property like we do.    We are one of a kind.

 Serving all of Monmouth County.

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"We plant ART on your land" TM


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