1. We take great pride in our work and treat your plants gently.

2. We make clean cuts when we prune.

3. Our tools are desinfected from one home to another so that we do not pass any diseases from other plants into your garden.

4. We provide you with a "Before and After"  album of your garden.

5.  Detailed explanation of your plants needs will be given, as well as water requirements. Everything done on your property will be written for you and clear. No guessing games here. No misunderstandings. 

6. We are a Landscaping business who specializes in creating flower gardens, we are not a Hardscaping business. However, if you are having hardscaping done and do not want them to do the landscaping, call us for a free garden consultation.

7. Just like houses need a great foundation, so do gardens in order for plants to thrive. We will amend your soil and prepare it before installing any plants into it. That's the right way to do it!

8. We are very blunt and straightforward. If the plant or shrub does not go there, it does not go there. We will never plant anything that years later will have to be taken out because it outgrew it's "space". Too often, what looked like small perfect little gardens with all kinds of shrubs and small trees into it grow and "cover" windows, entrances, and paths. We will not do that.

9. We listen to you, and will ask you many questions, and take pictures of our work of which you will have an exact copy for your garden files. Years later, you will know exactly what's in your garden, and if you have a question on a plant or want to change the look for something else, we'll keep you in our files and know exactly what area you talking about.

10. We do not uproot trees, there are special tree moving companies that do that.

11. We LOVE bringing the butterflies onto your property!

12. Estimates are never given over the phone with sight unseen. We cannot tell you how much is a 10x10 garden, without knowing what's in there now like: rocks, gravel, poison ivy, shrub and plant removal, clay, major vines, etc.

13, And no, we do not like to go into poison ivy infested areas. We do suggest that the prospective client take care of it with the excellent products that are available in garden stores for the homeowner. That would be great! 

14. Having beautiful gardens on your property is an investment. If not now, maybe later, but we will always keep you in our files.